Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What shapes us? Round One

Confession: I am a dreamer and a doer, no matter how long it takes, but I love the process of dreaming. I also like the process of discovery and rediscovery, but I want to know what defines us? What shapes us in the process of these intervals.

So, what exactly shapes us? What is it that motivates us and clicks on the “light” in our mind to do something different? What transforms us into a determinate being? Where is the point of change and can we pin point the moment?

I ask these questions because I want to know what shapes us. If our memories are not to be used to overcompensate for our lack of not trying or moving toward accomplishing our dreams then explain the process of becoming more than what we currently are, given that our memories are suppose to be used as a mechanism for reform. How come there are others that just get it and then there are the ones that have no clue; their point of reasoning has long been contaminated or perhaps just hit an underdevelopment standstill.

I live for the moments to find a different part of me, learn a new aspect of my life, and to fall in love, fall in love with absolutely everything. I’ve been accused of being a lot of things, and I have allowed those accusations to slide off my skin and gracefully fall to the floor as gracefully as they tried to break the fortress of my soul, of course in hopes of capturing my spirit; the thump is pretty loud. Nonetheless, there has been one accusation that I have openly embraced, which was being nonrealistic due to my optimistic persona. That sat well with me, and was nonchalantly close to accurate. Perhaps being the mindful, optimistic, overly excitable person that I am has allowed me to take this particular trajectory towards shaping me. Maybe there is a down fall to every aspect of life or choice that we make, but maybe the challenge resides in choosing the right choice, the best one that reflects a better you and me; regardless of the backlash.

You know I have come to really think and understand that, there are people who do not know love. I mean, there are so many shapes, forms, types, and variations of love. It is powerful, and its power is often underestimated. Love, is pure, kind, patient, accepting, sweet, tender, intense, seductive, imaginative, growing, explorative, exciting, and the list can continue to ramble on into infinite verbs and adjectives because it nicely suits each category. I challenge you to find love, a different kind that you have yet to recognize and comment about it when it happens.

I once stated that I felt that people have long ago stopped dreaming. I don’t know the exact result of that, but I think it’s the liaison for the lack of love, the lack of passion for life, and the constant advertising of stipulations and humanistic boundaries that is only created by man. About a week ago, I laid outside and memorized the sky for hours I’m sure. I realized that this life is bigger than our imaginations can comprehend. When I mean bigger, I do not just mean in the literal sense of size, but I speak of an expansion of depth in a non-lucid sense that is full of glory once deciphered. I want to know love just as much as I want to dream, and I want to know how that shapes me, all of us; I know it is at the core of our makeup.

This is just the beginning of this discussion … there will be plenty more, so let’s just say this is round one.


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