Sunday, March 20, 2011

Working it out ... kind of!

Okay, so this is going to be short and sweet, well kind of sour to be honest. I have been so incredibly busy this week that I was only able to accomplish three workouts this week out of the intended five. I was able to accomplish the Monday and Wednesday workouts. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were overwhelmingly busy days. Today is not over (Sunday that is) and Mike and I are planning on doing a run of a minimum of two miles perhaps even four miles (twice around our track) with the our dog Sir William Wallace (yes, awesome name, and I totally came up with it. true story). Anyway, the workout will be the same as last week, because I was unable to meet all of them. I will extend my workout for six days next week, making sure that I put in another step and yoga class. I may change it up a bit, I haven't exactly decided. I may put out a different workout plan, it depends on what I feel like tomorrow, but I am definitely keep tomorrow (Monday's workout) the same. I love the yoga and step aerobics, I do want to incorporate more running so that is my goal.

You know, I went to the flea mall this weekend when Mike and I were preparing for our first eighties party together (I'll try to post pictures because our customes totally kicked butt), I mean I was literally made to live in the eighties when you looked at my outfit. Anyway, I came to thinking about my workout clothes and how it's probably time for me to go shopping. The flea mall had the coolest deals on running shorts. Now, I don't go to the gym to be cute, I go there to get cute, so I am in no big hurry. However, I want to get a few new outfits that are accommodating to the heat! Anyway, I'll let you know on the deals as far as it goes. I am so far 20 days in, and we still have until the 15th of April to see a weigh in!

Next week, I am going to focus on eating right and well. I have been doing a lot better, but I really want to step it up. I have noticed, due to the amount of water I drink, my skin is completely clearing up. I mean, I have always had pretty good skin, but sometimes my ecezma flairs up or I break out from the amount of sugar (from the sweets).

Apologies for potential grammatical errors, I am in a rush and I have yet to do any grammatical corrections. If you read this before I do so, I apologize and I will get to it when I have more time. Have a good day, and get prepared to get your work out on!!

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