Sunday, March 6, 2011

Booty Camp ... Say What?

So, March Madness has already proven to be rigged with insane instructors, really looking to whoop my hinny into shape. My legs feel foreign, I have a numbness in my butt that just won't go away, and my arms are screaming for some sort of upper body strength so that they never have to struggle in a plank again :o)

This week, as I stated I was going to work out and update you all on my progress. So, I did my spin class, which by the way was awesome.  Everyone is so productive, and I often wondered as we travelled down our invisible paths together, were they really turning up the resistance knob, or were they pretending?  You know, faking the funk by glidding their hands around the resistance knob, signaling that they turned it up.  You can kind of tell who is really putting on the resistance and who pretends, because their peddles instantly get harder to push and it slows down.  Unless you're a beast like me and resistance can't stop you, no one can!!! Totally and completely kidding. 

So, the next day I thought I would do a nice cool down with a Boot Camp class.  I figured it would be cardio, but almost like a kickboxing class that I can handle, right? WRONG! I walk in and I see that everyone is getting weights, and I'm thinking no big deal, probably something to do with minor resistance or arm defining exercises, right? WRONG AGAIN! This class was full of lunges, burpees, planks, push ups, squats coming out of squats to only end in a squat, and football running. You know, where the football player is in a semi squat running in place, so like a squat run if you will.  Anyway, you get the picture.  Boot camp instantly changed in my mind to BOOTY CAMP! It was ridiculous. 

However, and this is a minor however, I did not want to feel so defeated, so I did something silly.  I decided after Booty Camp I would hit the treadmill, because one little class wasn't going to defeat me, and I still had energy, right? Wrong, well kind of wrong.  I only managed to run a mile, and walk a mile on an incline.  When I stepped off the treadmill, I just knew my legs were going to cave in like a house of cards in front of like 30 people. Somehow, I managed to walk out with my dignity barely in tact.

The next day, I was thinking that I would do a nice cool down yoga, right? Wrong! This yoga class, taught by the cutest sweetest little Asian lady, was once again full of planks, PLANKS, and more PLANKS, and lunges! She wasn't as sweet as she looks, hence the notion that looks can be deceiving.  I just wanted to stretch and breathe, and that was all.  I didn't understand how I was in another predicament where my legs may just fall off of my body. Yoga smoga, it was unlike any yoga I had done before. Anyway, I will be doing it again, but perhaps not after completing a booty camp class the day prior. 

Again, not wanting to feel defeated I participated in a Zumba class.  Now, I was hesitant at first, because to be honest, the Zumba classes I had previously taken were kind of silly. But I am glad I stayed.  It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work.  My teacher was this little fire cracker, bouncing off the walls, giving little direction and only signaling us to follow her lead.  The booty shaking was insane. My instructor split us up into two groups for us to have a booty shaking battle, it was funny and awkard all in the same.  There were a lot of booties in the air, and no guys around to loose their minds lol.  I just knew after a week of this my hinny would have redefined itself, and I can feel it transforming now (not really, but in due time im sure).  My instructor had so much energy, and I was so envious!! I wanted to keep bouncing and jumping around like her, but it wasn't happening. Maybe it's because of my new old age (26, turning 27, trying to grasp the concept that I'm not getting any younger) that my energy has suddenly declined.  Doesn't working out amplify your energy. After I'm done with spin, and it only happens when I do a spin class that I feel like taking a nap, right there on the bike.  I don't know why I feel so sleepy!

So anyway, while I was working out this week and thinking hard about March Madness and this accountability factor thing, I started thinking of ways to make sure that I will stay committed.  I was reading in a fitness magazine about a fitness contest that ends in April.  I am going to enter into the contest and use this contest as motivation.  It should be interesting and fun.  So far, I am exhausted, I'm sore, and for some reason I am so ready for more.  Hehe, that's like a little theme song! I'm exhausted, I'm sore, and I'm ready for MORE! Okay, enough of being a complete dork!

I have realized that I have a problem, a huge problem with sweets.  It is so hard to give up.  I don't drink soda, I eat pretty healthy, I don't eat fast food, but I love everything candy. I think the only way I am going to be successful is by putting my sweets on a diet themselves.  Therefore, only two days out of the week starting next week will I allow myself to eat a few sweets.  They will be on the days that I do heavy cardio, therefore, I can work off any extra calories I obtain from the sweets :o).

Overall, I think this month has gotten off to a pretty decent start.  For those of you that are starting to run, I am going to say the most cliche but truest thing about conquering it, it really is mental.  I use to hate running because I was terrible at it.  I mean I was decent in high school, but when I got out of high school, it wasn't fun anymore.  I started to look at my time and how I couldn't pass a mile without stopping.   But now, I can run like the wind.  When you are running, you should find a nice speed that you feel comfortable at.  Breathe through the terrible moments that you feel like you're going to die, because believe it or not (though in the moment it is hard to believe) it is fleeting, and it will be over soon.  You will reach your next peak, and you will get to your next mile or mark with no problem.  Make sure you have eaten something prior or at least had a decent amount of water so that you are hydrated.  Stretch well and put on some good tunes so that you don't get bored.  A lot of times when I want to stop running, it is only because I am bored and there isn't anything around keeping my attention.  Lastly, here is an exercise that my old trainer gave me to help increase my running abilities. 

In intervals complete this exercise: Run for 2 minutes at a consistent speed without stopping, then run on a sprint (your pace sprint) for 1 minute, and then walk for 2 minutes.  Repeat this until you reach a mile. 

I use to do this over and over, and it really helped me reach my mile goals. Now, I can run 3 miles without thinking twice, and five miles without feeling like I am really going to die.  Sooner or later, I am hoping to be able to run 8 miles or 10 miles without it being such a big deal.  After all, we are just people without any true reason of wanting to run except for getting in shape.  It isn't for a job or anything like that so enjoy it and take your time creating your groove.  Enjoy your weight loss, because it is exciting to see your hard work manifest itself.  Good luck, and I will see you in the beginning of next week with my workout plans! I look forward to hearing your stories and plans as well, so please keep me updated!! Good Luck!!

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