Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go HARD or Go HOME!!!

Confession: I thought I was going to die this week from working out, and I almost quit, QUIT on my Thursday run. It's true .... but you know what happens when people QUIT (as my husband would so eloquently suggest), PEOPLE DIE! It's an Army thing, perhaps even Military thing.

Go hard or go home, was the advice swindling amongst the brain paths in my head, whispering you can do it Trinity, you're almost there. My body screamed at me that it hated me, and it didn't want to be my friend. I'm surprised out of malice that it didn't just collapse to prove a point. Now you may be wondering, was I pushing myself too much? To be honest, I don't know. I couldn't tell if I was just really exhausted from the previous workouts, or was I being a chode and not wanting to finish. I'll ponder on some sort of enlightenment as I tell you my success of the week. I do want to hear about yours, so don't be afraid to comment. Let the world know about your workouts and how you're getting that body cute!

Monday Workout: Was absolutely awesome!!! My friend Rachel that lives near me went to Yoga and Step class with me. It was so much fun, and it fired me up for the week. The Yoga class was the perfect amount of stretching, centering, and muscle usage. The Step class was nonstop move-your-butt moves. I mean these ladies were getting it good. They were modifying the simple steps, twirling around like tinkerbells and little Jet Leis; you would think I was in a dance club held inside of an octagon the way they were moving. You had to be careful because it was easy to get kicked or slapped (which I did a couple of times in Friday Zumba, totally accidental), it was SLAMMED PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!! So overall, on this day I stayed true to my Monday workout plan.

Tuesday: Oh, Lord. Ladies and perhaps Gents, I woke up completely sore from Step aerobics. I thought I had sprained my calf muscle or something. I didn't make it to pilates class, but I did do a pilates slash yoga here at my home by myself. I've danced as well as done enough pilates to know moves and really get my stretch on, so it was worth it. As far as the 4-5 mile run went, it went well, really well in fact. I BROKE A RECORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (that was in my Oprah voice!) I actually ran five miles in the neighborhood across from mine, because my neighborhood has like two streets literally and that's it; small and personal. So, I steal the running paths in the neighborhood across from me. It's not like they use it much anyway. So, this path that I do is one lap around, which includes at least three pretty decent hills and one HUGE hill that changes my life every single time we meet face to face. My husband tracked the lap, and it is approximately 2.1 miles around. So, I have been know to do it twice a few times, its hard running outside for me compared to running on a treadmill. As I'm running around for the FIRST time, I'm telling myself, no it's fine, I'll just do four miles, no big deal that's still great. But then I start thinking of you all, and my accountability factor. There was going to be a point in time that I was going to have to attempt that damn run around for the third time, so why not Tuesday, why not in that moment, I asked myself? Then I answered with, "Go hard or go home trinity, literally walk or run your stank ass across the street, and just sit down if you aren't going to take this seriously!" So, when I was done yelling at myself, belittling the weakness that was tugging at my heart strings, I said screw it, today is the day I make the attempt. The second time around I got a great second wind, and when I started a third time I couldn't believe it. My knee started hurting so I cut through, but I made it through another mile to complete the run to a five mile run! That was a huge accomplishment for me and set the tone of go hard or go home for me this week!

Wednesday: Was rough!!! Wednesday's plan was to do yoga followed by step. I didn't do yoga, I stretched at home by doing my own crunches, leg lifts, and butt exercises (I will have to post a separate blog because they are awesome). I did however, turn up the heat. I went to Step and followed Step by doing a Spin class. So, Wednesday was a two hour full of cardio day that I am sure to repeat. My friend Rachel joined me for Spin. It was fun, and the best part about it was that when I looked out the window while I was spinning, I got to see the planes on Pope take off. It was so awesome, they were so huge, and it was just a peaceful serene sight.

Thursday: I was pooped from Wednesday, but I wanted to do Booty Camp, I mean Body Camp. But I was an hour late, I had got my times mixed up. Can you believe that?? Anyway, I looked in the workout area, and there were tons of treadmills open, so I figured, let's just do a five mile run; yes, again. I was hoping to do that on Tuesday on a treadmill but I did it outside, so why not do two five miles in a week, right? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!
Oh-my-God, I literally prayed to Jesus. I'm not a runner, never have been, but I have always admired the sport. It's so mental! So, I get on and I'm feeling great for the first mile, the second mile I'm starting to feel heavy, and when I reach the third, I want to quit, I want to give up, I just don't think I can make it type of attitude. My pants felt so heavy, big mistake for wearing them, everything irritated me (I snatched my ear phones out being completely dramatic) and I just had to talk to myself. I told myself that I could slow down and just run a slow slow pace, but then when I agreed to that my dumb butt decided to speed it up and run a sprint for a minute, because I didn't want to be weak. I almost died (I know I was close), but it made the mile go by a little faster. When I got to the fourth mile, I was literally having to remind myself to stand up straight, don't run hunched over, it does nothing for the core. I told myself just three more songs, as I tried to hear my music from the whispers of the headphones (remember, I snatched them off from irritation); when I got to the fifth mile, I didn't feel like a victor, but instead I felt like a survivor. I felt like I had been through something so traumatic, and so serious that I needed therapy. Anyway, I will never wear pants again on a second five mile in the week. I will attempt this again next week because I am going HARD!!!!!!!!!!

Friday: Glorious, cool down Friday!! I had so many appointments that the only class I could make it to was ZUMBA!!!!!! I went to the same Zumba class, but it's so packed that you have to sign up and get a bracelet. They had two body guards standing by the door the entire time. They were like Zumba bouncers, and I am not even coming close to joking or pulling your chain. I am not that clever or funny, I couldn't make this stuff up. I mean they stood guarding each entrance of the door with folded arms, I had to show them my bracelet before I was admitted. CRAZY!!!! Anyway, it was awesome. I could hardly move to start so I had to get warmed up. It so happens that I was zumbaing next to my yoga instruct (the little Asian one, she is so cute!!!) she is such a sweet lady; she does bring the pain, but she always brings treats like peppermint smelling stuff to open our senses. Anyway, after we had our dance off in Zumba, my yoga instructor told me I should get my Zumba instructor's license. I thought that was sweet, but I don't think I have rhythm for that. She was serious though, she approached me multiple times with it during our class that she convinced me to at least think about it, and so I am.

This week was pretty successful. Yesterday I didn't do much, but except stretch. Today is Sunday, and I am contemplating on going to a yoga and step this evening, but I kind of want to rest my body some. My calves are finally calming down. I did soak in a beautifully hot bath this week and treated myself to a mani and pedi which was awesome. I believe in the recovery process, because right now, I'm probably tearing my muscles to reshape them or something. I have lactic acid flowing through my body, making me appear bloated and heavier. My body will calm down and begin adjusting. Also, I have been consuming at least 80 ounces of water, and watching what I eat. So, this week has been pretty successful.

I haven't decided on my plan for next week, but look for it this evening, because I am going to line it out!!! Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear some of your stories!

Keep it up and stay encouraged, you can do anything you want to do if you just try. It's just that simple!

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