Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes, I feel the weight of the World ...

Confession: : My stress levels fluctuate sporadically, which leaves me in a state of uncertainty. Optimistic beliefs cannot completely shield me from myself or my own wandering mind.

**This blog is about working out and stress, don’t worry, we will get to the routine of the week; I just need a mental cleansing first.

The confession above is true in fact about me. I am a person who embodies empathy as well as hope, but at times I often lose my hope when engaging in the problems of others. I’m not sure if I am explaining this right, but I’m doing my best. Even when things do not directly affect me, if it is someone that I know, care about (not even, but instead hear about) their problem or issue finds a place in my heart and prayers.

How often do we allow stress to get in the way of our hopes and dreams? Stress is so bad on our bodies that it promotes fat in the mid section, it takes away our energy to do things, and it takes away our desires as well.

So this week, I want us all to focus on minimizing the stress by not allowing things to bother us that much. Let's try to focus on something that we want to do an dput our energy into that. Let's try to ignore the gabs and temptations of returning malice comments or evil stares when someone crosses us wrong; but instead, find another way to get our point across.

When we think about the people that surrounds us, let's remember how wonderful it is to have them in our lives. If they are not bringing you joy, comfort, and progression within yourself, then I ask you to challenge the validity of that relationship. Make the hard choice to do the right thing this week, and let's get in the habit of happiness.

This week's work out will be the same as last week. I am going to try and do everything that I suggested last week instead of mixing it up. So I am going to repost that. If I change something (which there are exercises in Fitness and Shape magazines that I want to attempt) I will let you know along the way.

Monday March 7: Yoga, followed by Step Aerobics, and maybe a one mile run; and a walk with the dogs for a light stretch in the evening

Tuesday: Pilates and a 4-5 mile run (I really want to do a 5 mile, but I haven't done it in a while, so I say 4 to be safe).

Wednesday: Yoga followed by Step, and maybe a one mile run afterwards; and a walk in the evening to stretch

Thursday: Pilates and Spinning and maybe a 15 minute workout on the elliptical or walk on an incline on the treadmill or track for 15 minutes

Friday: Yoga and Zumba for sure!! Last Friday was awesome!

Saturday: Run outside four miles

Sunday: Step and Yoga

Love you guys and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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