Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breaking the Crappy Habit in 21 Days

Confession: They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so I am going to put something to the test. I have been on a habitual happiness theme this week, perhaps spilling over a little from the previous week, and here I am now, loving my days even more than the day prior. I’ve had a minor setback here and there, but nothing too drastic to where I could not rise above. So, I am going to put this “habitual happiness” theme to the test for 21 days (starting today) and prove that we can breakdown pessimism, before it breaks us.

I’ve had this theme that I have passed around this week (Habitual Happiness) because I believe in the climate that we are immersed in now, we have to keep happiness at the forefront of our minds. It is too easy to self-loath, wallow in pessimism, and pick up diffident characteristics. I have never been the type of person to escartz my feelings; fake the funk if you will. Nevertheless, I often feel as though I am cheating myself out of something by choosing the nasty feeling, because let’s be honest it can feel good. It can feel overwhelmingly good to speak your mind to someone that just isn’t doing it the way that you believe they should (even though you’re not the boss of anyone). It seems justified to be blunt and to the point when someone steps out of line (even though some things need to be left unsaid). It feels rewarding at times when you leave someone feeling dumb founded, because you got the last word (even though you may know how it feels to be someone who has more to say with no one there to listen). However, I am here to say that those are fleeting moments of happiness, and that we aren’t being fair or true to ourselves. In fact, they are lying moments of happiness, because you cannot be truly happy stealing joy in those ways. So, now you know that I feel the weight of the world, I feel the sadness that lurks in the darkness allies, and I know the taste of sour feelings just as you do, but that was never and will never be what we truly desire.

However, I believe it is all up to us ultimately. I think I have stated before that I do not believe that things happen for a reason, because that takes the free will out of our choice. I believe essentially we have free will and we make our own decisions and outcomes. We attract the things that come into our lives for the most part, and although it is hard to understand or wrap your head around comprehending this concept, does not mean it is not true. So, in order to relieve myself, well ourselves, of this ever pressing issue, I suggest from here on out we just turn our backs. Every time you see something negative that you don’t like, instead of accepting the negative energy or terrible consequence, make the decision to turn away from the situation. Literally, and I mean this as in literally, envision yourself in your mind on that problem or circumstance, and then refocus on what it is that you do want.

I am a strong believer that thoughts become things, I truly believe that. I look around my life and see things that I have wanted so badly that have manifest and in other areas of my life, I have seen how things do not work out all because of doubt. I had chosen to look at the possibilities of things not working out, because so many people around me had their things not working out. I believe this is a learned behavior. I am not looking at that anymore. So, along with being habitually happy and loving with gratitude the things that we do have, place in your mind with an unwavering faith of at least this size (.) that the entity you want is only but so big. When you make things unattainable in your mind, they become unattainable in a tangible sense; the things are only gigantic because you make them that way. We are living creatures here to live an amazing life, not one full of sadness and pain. Just because heart break may make us appreciate love does not mean we have to experience heart break 10 times over in order to harness or harvest the feeling of appreciation towards love.

So, I am going to turn my back to the things that I don’t like. I am literally, going to remove myself out of the situations that are not pleasing to my eyes, pleasing to my ears, and what is not pleasing to my spirit. I am going to do these things in faith and with the objective of achieving true happiness and breaking the habit of sadness and or pessimism. Do not let the opinion of your fellow man or woman taint your idea of a beautiful outcome. The magnificent Singer and Poet Katy Perry has once said and I am paraphrasing because I’m not good with remembering the lyrics, “You’re original and cannot be erased, if you only knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow, maybe the reason why all the doors are closed, is so you’ll open one that leads you to the perfect road.”

Let’s be happy in all the ways we can be by turning our backs on all the nasty negative things that haunt us. This does not mean neglect responsibility and replace it with your “right” to be happy. Be mindful of the ones around you and have a considerate heart, it will lead you to some of the most beautiful, mind blowing moments of your lifetime. Now, that is a confessional guarantee.

With overwhelming love and gratitude,

Confessional Therapist

Touch your dreams ... the are only but so far.

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