Monday, March 7, 2011

A Poem: Reoccurring Dream

I live in my reoccurring dream that he is possible
That the trace of his finger tips will not be left to my imagination
I close my eyes and I can hear his whispers … my heart is awaken
His voice is … pure … seductive… soulful … addictive like sex
And I want it over and over again

His eyes are so piercing that my soul becomes shy
And his features are so memorizing
I can stare for hours and not get bored
I’m so in love … if love can even describe what I feel

Take my breath away … he can have every gasp
I’ll live breathless if I can just be in his presence
I don’t need air if I can smell his natural scent … at least once
His arms seem so strong and yet so invitingly alluring
Cozy is the correct ellipsis
I can see the paralysis taken affect for days at a time …

What would it be like to be the center of his attention?
Or for our fingers to find peace by coupling our hands together
I wonder about his taste … If only my lips could make it to his
I want to know his talents and imperfections
So that I can learn to appreciate them both
I want to be the relaxation his heart craves …
A sigh of relief he desperately yearns for
Most of all … I want to be his reoccurring dream …
As he is mine …

By: Trinity R. Salazar

This poem I wrote for a character in my novel.  It's a really interesting and important piece of the book, this feeling here because it describes the beginning of a love relationship.  I thought I would share with you all; normally I only post my work on starlite, but I figured why not share with you all.  I hope you enjoy!

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