Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Victoria, shame on you. I know your secret.

Dear Victoria Secret,

I have a confession of the heart to make, and I do apologize if I offend you as this letter proceeds. I've loved you from the moment that I saw your magazine. As a matter of fact, I always dreamed of one day being an Angel. I've had the height for quite sometime, and I've had the weight (more not than often). Nevertheless, I loved that you had the Tyras, Selitas, Heidis, Giselles, and Adriannas all walking down the runway together, letting us know that beauty comes in multiple shades. Naomi Campbell has even graced your runway before, and that dynamic just completed the shades of beauty that wore your clothes. I especially got excited when you started using Jessica White. She is of a beautiful dark skin complexion, and she shows how beautiful dark skin women can be in bathing suits, yoga clothes (as if we don't work out), and the latest shoes designed by Steve Madden.

The thing is, the other day when I went to your website to look at bathing suits, I did not see Jessica White in the bathing suit section, or really anywhere. Not that I only care about seeing her, but it helps me as a darker skinned women, visualize what colors would look good on my skin. I hate that things have to be about race in this country, I really do. I hate that I can count the number of super models on my hand that are African American, and that we are still in the "first" stages of everything. Nonetheless, this is the defect of our birth as Americans. I just loved you Victoria, because you seemed to push the idea of beauty when everyone else was at a standstill.

I will forgive you Victoria, because I do not believe your actions were intentional; I just don't believe they were meant to hurt my feelings or make me wonder about you. But I do ask you not to go backwards, but continue moving forward, scouring the land for beautiful beauties of all shades, including mine. I'm just going to make the simple request to bring Jessica White back, so that I can see someone like me, wearing your clothes, so that I know what it will look like. Contrary to popular beliefs, African Americans do like the beach, we do like to swim, and the sun is just as beautiful to us as it is to anyone else. You may not know this, but it matters to me. It matters to me that there are thousands of pictures on your site with beautiful women that don't look like me, and then I can only find two pictures of girls that look like me, just two. It makes me feel as though people my complexion are either not appreciated for their skin complexion, or we just aren't considered beautiful. I hate that I can count on my hands, and when I do count on my hands, the number comes back extremely low. Under the dress section is where I found the two models, and you know what, I own one out of the two dresses shown. I bought the dress because of how beautiful it was on Jessica's skin. Perhaps, we can move the amount up to five pictures this year, and spread it between the bra tops tab and the bathing suits? So, as someone who has spent a lot of money on your clothes and has a closet full to prove it, I just ask you to put Jessica White in a few swim suits so I can see what it will look like on me. Or maybe, if you want a change, you can use me, no complaints or objections here. I still have the dream of being an Angel.

Here is the dress that I bought, which Jessica is modeling below:

Here is a picture of me in case you are wondering what I look like Victoria. As a matter of fact, here are a few pictures of me Victoria at different times, but they have one thing in common, I am wearing your clothes. One dress, the white one, I have in both colors (the purple and white version), hence the fact that I am a huge supporter of your company.

Just thought I would let you know what matters to me. My words are my words alone, and do not speak for everyone, and that is not my intention. I just thought, since we have established a relationship on you producing clothes that I love and me supporting your product, you would like to hear my latest confession.

Warmest regards,


Disclaimer: These are not my photos. All rights belong to Victoria Secret, an amazing clothing company.

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  1. nicely said! it is good to see women of all shades represented as this is America, a melting pot of races and ethnicities not just a one shaded nation!