Friday, March 11, 2011

De-Clutter and Re-create your Life

Since this is a confessional blog, I am going to start every blog off (unless it is a piece of writing) with a confession.

Confession: I have a nasty habit of interrupting people when I am passionate about an issue or subject we are discussing. Not to make an excuse, it has nothing to do with whether or not I disagree or agree with them, but instead, it comes from the multiple fleeting thoughts that I do not want to forget, begging for a chance to be released through my words. So, I just spew them, and sometimes, with little regard of my conversational partner. If I have done this to you, maybe you understand me a little more now, and I offer a true heartfelt apology.

So, now that I have identified a personal issue that happens to be interrupting other people, I began to wonder does it interfere with me personally, in any other way. Of course it does, how could it not? Often, more times than not, we interrupt ourselves without even noticing; even if you have not developed a habit like mine. Does that mean we do not value our own voice, or is it something bigger? Have we been told to cool it, or quite down one too many times? Have we been shunned or ridiculed for opining? How many times have we allowed ourselves to not finish a complete thought, but instead, we jump to another subject. Perhaps, the notion you were thinking about was a bit too heavy at the time, maybe you didn’t have the answers, or maybe you weren’t asking the right questions; which leads me to my next point.

In order to stop cluttering our lives, we have to stop interrupting ourselves and really listen. Remove the useless antics, stop with the self-loathing that leads to self mutilating forms; rather it is a physical lashing (cutting, hitting, or even overeating) to a mental lashing (strong diffidence: wallowing in low self esteem, denying ourselves praises, or believing the negative from different sources including ourselves).

My interrupting habit has manifested itself into a form of interrupting myself. I wonder how many times have I tried to listen to God and I have interrupted even him. When you block yourself or allow occludes to be ever present in your life, hoping to defend yourself from multiple offenses, we often are closing ourselves off from other good things, positive results. Enigmatic thought, isn’t it? To be honest, it doesn’t have to be though. It all starts with the first step, recognition.

In order to de-clutter your life, you, me, all of us, need to stop interrupting ourselves and listen to the complete thoughts and reasons that come along with these momentous and profound heady-thought events. Take some time out to pamper yourself, and I suggest this because it allows you to connect with yourself. You began to realize what you like, what you don’t like. For example, get a manicure so you can start to begin to love the way your hands look, feel, and move. In those moments of pampering, you can relax and breathe, while listening to the inner you that has tons of things to say. Stop to watch your body, your expressions, and your laugh sometimes.

To upshot, yes, I’m wrapping it up, I just want to point out one more thing. In order to get over the bad things in life, we have to be able to listen to ourselves, and remove the baggage. Unpack your bag, you’re staying for more than one night, it’s okay because you are welcome. If you need to go inside of your closet and throw the old dresses, pants, or shirt (metaphorically speaking) do that as well, make room for a more refined you. Your mind, your body, your soul, and your spirit are all welcomed by you; at the very least they should be. If you do not invite yourself in, who else would not be hesitant to let you in; surely you can trust yourself, or do you not? Perhaps that is a question you should ask yourself. Let us all ask the right questions and not offer empty answers, because too often we do that as well. In the midst of bad moments, we all can find it hard to remember a good memory; it is sad that good memories are so fleeting. However, they do not have to be. Stop, look, and listen to yourself and that is when you can start the de-cluttering process of your life. I am not huge on selfishness, I believe in altruism; however, it is okay to take time out for YOU and not feel GUILTY ABOUT IT. So, I guess I am trying to say, it is not being selfish if you are being self serving, because the self serving is a stepping stone for you to start serving others. Think of how mentally freeing this world would be and at ease if we followed these simple steps.

Ask yourself, how you are doing and mean it. When you give an answer listen NOT just because the answer is important, but because your voice is important as well. This is not only a right, but a responsibility for all of us. Even if you have to complain to yourself, let it out; nevertheless, in the midst, find the source of this energy and stop it before it consumes who you are. Control your attributes and characteristics. Recreate your future by redesigning your today, and following through tomorrow. Make the commitment, every second, every minute, and every hour to be a better you. Simply, de-clutter.

Hi, I'm Trinity, and it's really nice to finally meet me. Clarity at its best, leads us to beauty moments like these:

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