Friday, April 1, 2011

Who am I?

Confession: I've never felt hesitant to speak about defeat. It's in those defeating moments where I expose myself to vulnerability and exchange my weakness for strength.

I'm emotional, I'm a bit stubborn and sometimes too sentimental to let things go (and that applies to multiple arenas). Oh, and I can be an enemy, an enemy to myself.

I may be all of those things; nevertheless, I am also a successor. I am an over-comer and a determinate force that refines herself when faced with failure, because that is one thing I will NEVER become. The adage never say never has been optimistically promoted throughout time, becoming one of the most famous repetitive idioms of all time. One thing you should remember, as I often remind myself, there are always exceptions to the rules, and this happens to be one of them.

Who am I? I am a lot of things. Different aspects of me are lurking out of the shadows, revealing characteristics of myself on a daily occurrence; but what I have learned about who I am is, above all else, I am resilient.

I will always be the bit of bright green that springs from the crack of the earth, fighting to make room for who she is becoming.

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  1. I *LOVE* this and your style of writing. Ironically enough, I was just about to write an auto-biographical post of sorts... now I have more inspiration. And if there is one word that can illuminate who you are and what you stand for, resilient is a perfect fit! We (as women) are designed to withstand enormous feats and with that, we're taught to be vulnerable enough to bend, but strong enough not to break. Great post.