Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love ... is not conversational

Confession: While attempting to understand the concept of what motivates and drives true love and passion, I have began to explore the idea that love is not conversational, it is expressional. Often it can be manipulated and tortured in an attempt to portray the real thing, but in the end, imitations are exposed as the true fakes that they are. Love and pain, in their relationship that fuels this world and the relationships that are involved within it, deserves our undivided attention. This is just the beginning. Enjoy.

Love cannot possibly be understood through conversations or gestures motivated with indolence and minuet thought. Love is much too complex for that sort of deception and silliness, because it dilutes the message as well as feeling; thus, presenting a false illusion that escartz’s it way around this world, engendering imitations and lingering emptiness. Love itself, so powerful by its very own nature, demands a deeper collection of expression, one coupled with an affluence of passion, forded by heart as well as truth. Love not only demands this, but it feeds, breathes, and lives from this. As such the warrior stands on the battle field, waiting to spill blood or exchange his own, in the name of liberation or perhaps a fiery goal of domination, so does the lover who springs at the thought of exploiting his soul if that secures his prize.

Faithfully and notably, loving the one you’re with provides battle burns and stings the wounds of those who have truly loved and warred over the very privilege to do so. Lifting your heels a few inches off the dirt, feeling the arch in your feet bend a little bit more, your skin around your toes tightens from the intensity, you raise your arms waving to the wind hello-goodbye, shushing your heart to alleviate its eagerness, as you prepare yourself to survive the fall to grace. The very process is too demanding and consuming to comprehend all at once, for our eyes close from time to time, hoping to savor every fleeting moment. The dire need of a deep breath on the way down proves catalytic for a moment of remembrance towards the purpose before hitting the ground, making the landing a little bit softer; or at the very least justifiable. Love understands no bounds; it’s just not in its character. It drives its own self at times and stands alone waiting to feel the reciprocation at its feet. Love demands epic greatness, all of which we are more than capable... of experiencing. Love ... is not conversational, it is a language of expression coupled with passion and in depth meaning from the soul, heart, and spirit combined.

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