Monday, January 13, 2014

Love in this life ...

Love in this life is not meant to be undermined or used to comfort the fearful … there’s no room for fools. Within the broken shards of fallen hearts one can find the mistakes of many … you will find the dishonest, the blinded, the rushers, the lonely, the pretenders, the selfish, the needy … all of those who did not have the courage to wait to feel their knees buckle at the feeling of another soul stealing their space within the very same room or their hearts stop for a second too long reminding them it is time to breathe, the ones that did not have the courage to allow love to change them instantly … love is for the patient, it’s for the ones that understand that love itself is not conversational as I have once said before … it is a language of expression, coupled with passion and genuine in depth meaning from the soul, heart, and spirit combined of two people who had the courage … to wait for it. Love deserves our undivided attention … especially as it is directly correlated to matters of our hearts' future. Have the courage ... to not cling to false imitations and less than deserving relationships ... but instead be open to the moment your soul becomes shy and you find the courage ... to say, "I loved you all of my life before I knew who you were. I love exactly who you are. You were worth my wait." - Me

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